Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Born again naturalist......even Spiders!!

I picked this little book up in a charity shop and have been inspired to look at my garden differently. Now I know alot of you who read this are ahead of me here, but I am guilty of noticing the fancy stuff (birds, mammals, dragonfly's, butterfly's) in the garden but ignoring the less glamorous stuff (beetles, spiders,bugs). I know that without them the creatures higher in the food chain wouldn't be here, but I do ignore them....well not any more! I have decided to try to record everything in the garden for the next year and see what I find, it was interesting to read that the so called "wildlife-friendly" plants are just as good as other stuff...have a read of this website about the BUGS projectof gardens in Sheffield. So, I'm off to find a notebook......

Now anyone who knows me knows that this is a brave photo! I don't do spiders! In fact on night shift a couple of weeks ago another nurse and I found a HUGE one in the ward, neither of us like them so we shut the door to the empty room and even thought about running sellotape along the bottom of the door so it wouldn't come out! Debra and I really shouldn't work together on nights at this time of year as neither of us can remove them!

The ivy was humming with bee's yesterday filling up on a good pre winter feast. Painted Lady butterfly's and Red Admirals filling up too. My husband hates the ivy and would tear it out tomorrow but I plead with him to leave it!
In the evening my daughter and I went to walk the dog and watched this amazing really was this colour!


Elizabethd said...

I can cope with spiders...just about, but mice, no!
What a beautiful sunset, almost tropical.

Karen said...

The sunset is gorgeous!!
Its a whole other world out there in the garden. I look forward to the pictures of what you find there.

Teresa said...

Spiders - geez, never would I get close enough to one to take a picture, although I do love to see their webs. Sure is a gorgeous sunset.