Sunday, 29 November 2009

It seems I am not the only one to think that the tree in our town is a poor show! on my last blog I put a photo I had taken of it.....and now the Daily papers have seen it too! All for 'Health & Safety', the council are worried someone might trip over a guy rope and sue them! The world has gone mad and we have become a 'nanny state'. People never used to think of suing other folk for an accident, you took it as part of life. My son's have always been very adventurous, in fact one of them went out to an island in a boat the night before last and spent the night sleeping in the undergrowth with a friend, they climbed trees, got freezing cold, wet and filthy dirty but they had an adventure and his memories will stay for ever . Life is a risk and it will be very boring of we are mollycoddled so much we can't enjoy it.

The Christmas windows are appearing, ahhhh.

A friend from work played Mrs Beaver in the play "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"in a local Church. Isn't that a good costume? I hope she doesn't mind appearing on here....but you wouldn't recognise her! It was a really good show and I really enjoyed it.

Lastly, this is our tiny lounge today...but I have a holiday this week so I will be painting it, putting new curtains up, new light fitting and new carpet in, so goodbye to the raspberry pink and cream and hello to.........wait and see!

Monday, 23 November 2009

A finished quilt and an amazing co-incidence!

I sat indoors this morning while the rain pounded on the windows and sewed round the last bit of binding on this strippy quilt...feet up on the table with the quilt on my lap. When the rain stopped I ran out to the garden to take a picture while it was dry! I need a record of this one as I want to sell it to try and raise some funds to help my daughter pay for a trip she wants to go on next August to Calcutta to work with the street children there.

I think it would do for a child maybe, it's a bit on the bright side for some people maybe! It's virtually all done by hand, pieced and quilted by hand, just used the machine to join the blocks and sew the binding on.
After the rain had stopped I walked Wrecks the dog, down through the woods which were criss crossed with little channels made by the heavy rain that we have had over the past few days, the autumn storms are upon us. As I walked I could hear the sound of chain saw's where people were cutting up trees that had come down and making branches safe. Thankfully all we have suffered is a bit of fence damage, we have been lucky, in Cumbria they have had flood water in their homes.
This old grainy photo was taken in the early 70's of a house I lived in with my parents in a village about 70 miles away from where I now live and my parents have long since moved on. The amazing thing is that my son and his girlfriend were invited to dinner with one of her colleagues last week and was this house! How amazing is that! It was wonderful to hear how it looks now, we moved in when I was 12 when the house was brand new in 1969....I can hear all your brain cells working now to work my age out!
This is our towns poor effort of a Christmas tree this year, it's really a bit dull I think. I think they should plant a real tree in the middle of the square and let it grow and decorate it every year, I'm sure it would be cheaper in the long run and certainly would be more attractive to look at. Sorry...bit of a moan there!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

November break in Wales.

We have just spent a lovely long weekend in the cottage called Lliety again in North Wales, tiny and cosy and very quiet. We had some family stuff to do up in Snowdonia and some family visiting too.
In the evenings we lit the fire...I don't know why I didn't take a picture when it was lit! Plenty of time to finish quilting a strippy quilt and finish an embroidery of a lavender field...I will take some pictures of them soon.

The light over the reedbed in the Conwy RSPB reserve, actually a storm was on the way but we managed to hide in a bird hide from the rain before hurtling back to the safety of the visitor centre and a nice warm cup of tea.

The little church at Beddgelert, the countryside looks so different at this time of year but every bit as beautiful as it was in the summer.

Walk by the River Glaslyn and you will feel renewed and at peace. Hardly any walkers or tourists about......heavenly!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

A quilt in the making and leaf people

This is the start of a quilt top that I am making for my Mother for Christmas this year. She has asked for another quilt as they have moved into a flat this year and the colours are greenish/blue in their new bedroom. She hasn't seen the fabrics I have chosen and wants it to be a surprise on Christmas day ( luckily she doesn't look on blogs and doesn't know I blog so it should be a secret).
The idea for this top came from a Kaffe Fassett book I bought a few weeks ago and I have used a few Rowan fabric in it too. The fabric with lace bobbins on it is to denote my Mums love of lace making and the fairies because she loves them too!

These little leaf people are an idea from someones else's blog ( if anyone has seen something similar please let me know so that I can credit them for their work). Unfortunately I don't remember whose it was. Anyway I went for a walk and picked up the leaves to make these little aren't they!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Pretty Pumpkins

I'm not a great fan of Halloween or pumpkins and we ignore it in our home, but this afternoon we went for a walk at Kingston Lacey and in a little dell in the garden we came across these pumpkins and gourds which had been laid out along the edges of the path. They were cleverly and attractively positioned, gourds were hanging from the trees, pumpkins by the paths, looking all the more pretty because of the autumnal shades of the leaves lying about.Oranges in 'nests' in the woodland floor, with gourds on the ground behind them.I love this pumpkin!This was growing in a container near the tea room ..... we declined their lovely cakes because we knew that at home there was a birthday cake...for my husbands birthday today.