Sunday, 1 November 2009

Pretty Pumpkins

I'm not a great fan of Halloween or pumpkins and we ignore it in our home, but this afternoon we went for a walk at Kingston Lacey and in a little dell in the garden we came across these pumpkins and gourds which had been laid out along the edges of the path. They were cleverly and attractively positioned, gourds were hanging from the trees, pumpkins by the paths, looking all the more pretty because of the autumnal shades of the leaves lying about.Oranges in 'nests' in the woodland floor, with gourds on the ground behind them.I love this pumpkin!This was growing in a container near the tea room ..... we declined their lovely cakes because we knew that at home there was a birthday cake...for my husbands birthday today.


Karen said...

I ignore Halloween in my house too, though I do like pumpkins.
Great colors on those gourds!
A Happy Birthday to your husband!
And a happy day to you! :-)

brightandnew said...

We don't 'do' Halloween, either. We take the kids out for a picnic in our mini-bus. The kids feel like they are doing something fun and different - we park up by the sea and play on the beach in the dark!

You are very good avoiding the cake - I have to be honest and say I would have eaten it and enjoyed it very much! (and then gone home and eaten some birthday cake! *sheepish grin* :) )