Wednesday, 16 December 2009

At Mothers quilt is finished and just in time for Christmas! I'm very relieved to have got it done as I have had alot of sewing machine problems and had to borrow Mum's machine to make it! I hand quilted it and just finished slip stitching the edge this week. Look at the blue sky behind it!
I'm a little worried that it's too bright for her, she likes soft pastel colours but at least one of the colours is in her curtains. Look who's trying to pretend he made the quilt by posing next to it!
Oh yes, it's "Wrecks the dog!"

Made lots of mincemeat...none of it has made it into mince pies yet!
Last week I went to meet up with some other nurses from the palliative care unit where we work ( we call it TLC which stands for Tena Lady Club....I'll let you work out why we call it that!) for a coffee and a cake in a local garden center and saw this upsidedown Christmas tree as a table decoration....weird but nice!
Bought myself this book the other day! Ha ha ha!!! It hasn't worked yet!


brightandnew said...

I know that you were going to turn your comments off for a while, but I can see we are still able to leave comments for the momnent so I'm going to grab the chance :) I hope that you don't mind!

I just wanted to say how much I love the quilt. You are so clever, it really is beautiful and I am sure your mum will love it.

Your dog is very cute, too :)

Karen :-) said...

I think the quilt is beautiful too and can't imagine your mum not liking it!! She will love it.
I have an old cake recipe of my grandmothers for a cake (Yum Yum cake) that has mince meat in it. To bad I couldn't use some of your mince meat in it instead of the jars of it I buy here. :-)

bellaboo said...

I'm sure your Mum will absolutely love the quilt.I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't shed a little tear when she opens it...I know my Mum would!
Oh, are sooo sweet,and Bella would love to have a romp with you.
Love the jars of mincemeat all lined up with their red check tops.


Goosey said...

B & N..No I haven't turned the comments off yet, I got a little spooked because some unpleasant stuff came in...which I deleted but it leaves a bad taste. Maybe I should just use comment moderation.
Karen..The recipe is really easy for the mincemeat, I will put it on here sometime.
Bellaboo..Good job Wrecks can't read, he'd be getting a big head!He's going a bit grey round the muzzle now and becoming an old gentleman!

Mary said...

Beautiful quilt...I love the colors!