Saturday, 5 December 2009

The tree is for the chop!!!and a SWEET/Choc quiz

Hooray...The ugly cone/tree in our town is coming down on Tuesday and a real one is to be put up in it's place!(See the previous two posts if you don't know what this is about) People have complained and started facebook groups in protest, it's been on the news and in the daily papers....for once our town is on the map....for all the wrong reasons! The cone has been vandalised but as you pass it you hear everyone talking about it so it's become well known.

My daughter is entering a quiz about names of sweets and chocs using these clues but we are stuck on the last if you can help??!!!!!

ie. High Class thoroughfare =Quality Street
Now your turn! (in italic are solved now, thanks)
Mother's local= Mars bar
Frankie Vaughan wanted it= Moonlight
Good children get these= Treats
Gem orchard= Opal fruits
Capital granite=Edinburgh Rock
Noisy insect= Humbug
One who wanders=Minstrel
Not the RAF pills=
County pot-pourri=
Sugary Golden Virginia= ?Sweet cigarettes
I have had this week as a holiday from work and spent it preparing for Christmas and just enjoying having the time to be me again.
A nice but blustery walk along the seafront at nearby Swanage.
Redecorating the lounge (if you scroll down to my previous post you will see the 'before picture' when it was raspberry pink!)It's only a small lounge so only took three days to do.

A walk in the wintry countryside, cold but fun above Kingcombe near Dorchester, too wet to walk far in the light of the recent rain we have had. We were on the way home from Taunton in Somerset where my sewing machine has had to go in for another repair job, we just stopped to admire the winter trees.

To Church to see the children doing their nativity play, with all it's hiccups and children forgetting their lines but all the more lovely for that.
A walk to the next town to do a bit of shopping, it took me one and a half hours to walk there.
Delia has to be part of Christmas, mincemeat and Christmas cake, mince pies and pudding.
My kitchen smells wonderful this morning as I have left this bowl overnight with the dried fruit soaking in oranges and lemon and waiting to have a good dollop of brandy added later. The other bowl is the Christmas cake fruit soaking in brandy.
All the plates on the dressers have been taken off and replaced with Christmas china and glass, tablecloths changed to red and white, tea towels to red ones, tea cosy's to christmassy designs so hopefully the place will be less cluttered with decorations but still different. Most of the plates are from charity shops and I had a real job to find one with the Christmas story on it instead of Father Christmas and robins and trees! I eventually found one ( middle top row) it's not great because the faces are a bit twee and it's quite pink...but better than nothing!
So Christmas is coming...but I'm still making paper decorations so not finished yet!


Eli said...

I can see the festive season is slowly creeping into your house. It looks really warm and cosy. I was searching for Xmas plates to make a display last year and eventually cut pictures from old Xmas cards and magazines, stuck them onto old plates and then varnished them a couple of times and they look great. Thanks for the tip about a keeping a tree in a pot and using it each year, I am SERIOUSLY considering it for 2010.

brightandnew said...

ooo, I love quizes!

I know that Frankie Vaughan had a song called 'Give me the moonlight, give me the girl', but I'm not sure if there is chocolate called 'Moonlight'? - quite sure there isn't one called 'Girl' though. lol!!

Good children get these - Treats maybe? (not been around for ages, though?)

Noisy Insect - Humbug

Gem Orchard - Opal Fruits? (again, not made for ages - now Starbursts)

That's all I can get! They are difficult!

I love the new colour you have in your lounge, it looks really relaxing.

It's a shame that 'The Cone' has been vandalised - whilst it wasn't the prettiest of Christmas trees it is sad that someone felt the need to damage it.

Karen :-) said...

I like the look of the village you walked to. I'd love to walk around there.
Glad to hear there's a real tree now!!

Goosey said...

B & N..Thank you those are really helpful and yes they are quite hard.
Karen...It's quite a big town really but that bit is the center.
Anonymous...It was a joke...not meant for any serious comment!

bellaboo said...

Your lounge looks lovely after it's makeover and I love the little pine shelf unit and the pink lampshade.Looking forward to seeing your decorations soon!