Sunday, 13 December 2009

Winter walking and foraging and stopping the comments for now

No pictures today, just the written word.
Awoke this morning to find 3 extra people in the house, I knew my son's girlfriend was staying here but didn't know my other son had bought 2 friends home after a party last night! Padded downstairs this morning to find strange young man in the kitchen looking for cereal and a bowl to put it in! Hey Ho...I wouldn't have it any other way and the noise, fun and laughter over breakfast was so fun!
Walking out in the cold open spaces of the Dorset countryside this afternoon looking for Holly and Ivy and evergreens to decorate the dressers with. After driving around through the Tarrant villages and on to Blandford we found some lovely Holly with berries near Bloxworth. Careful not to take too much from one bush and left plenty for the birds to eat. The sun set giving us a late winter show of orange and pale grey sky with bright blue in between.
Then home to a warm house and time to use the greenery to decorate the mantle shelf and over the dressers and above the pictures and mirrors.
Lovely, I've earned my tea tonight and just made some Cranberry and white chocolate biscuits from the Nigella Christmas book, and the house is full again so they won't last long!
I have made the decision to turn off the comments in 2 days time and just enjoy the writing and recording stuff that are of interest to me. I will of course still look at other peoples blogs and leave a comment here and there, especially those who I have 'talked to' for a long time. I am even thinking that I may stop using facebook too, one of my son's (he is nearly 18) refuses to go on facebook and believes it destroys real interaction with friends and I have to say I agree with him!
Anyway, please continue to look at the blog if it interests you, but have no pressure to comment! I will review how I feel in the new year and will decide then if to continue without comments. I will leave the comments on for two days to let people have their say!


bellaboo said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend Sunday!Your house must look very festive now.


Karen :-) said...

Even though you didn't post a picture I saw one anyway when you described the sunset! :-)
Your home sounds like a happy one!
Your blog is one of my favorites and I always enjoy coming to visit. I feel that we are friends and would miss being able to "talk" to you through comments. My vote is to keep the comments on.
Merry CHRISTMAS! Christ stays in my holiday too!! :-)
Have a wonderful day!

brightandnew said...

I agree with your son with regards to facebook, it does seem to take the place of face to face contact a lot of the time,which is such a shame. I also refuse to have a Facebook account - people seem to get a little obsessed with it and that cannot be healthy! lol!

Saying that, I will miss being able to comment on your blog. I really enjoy reading it and like to leave you comments. I second Karens vote to keep the comments on ;)

Of course, in all seriousness, this is your blog and you should do whatever you are most comfortable with. I do think that blogs differ somewhat from Facebook as they usually do not replace actually seeing someone - more they bring you into contact with people you would otherwise never 'know'.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, I hope that you will decide to turn the comments back on, but if not then I will continue reading here - I do love your blog.

God Bless :)