Monday, 4 January 2010

In the frosty weather it is easier to walk along the old railway lines which tend to be up on an embankment rather than across muddy fields, so that's what we did yesterday. we haven't had much snow here in our part of Dorset just lots of ice and frost. This is all that remains of Spetisbury station and although the trains have long since gone, they have been replaced by a peaceful place to walk. I think I saw a Bullfinch in the bushes but not sure enough to record it as a sighting. However I did see a Fieldfare eating apples on a tree, and lots of noisy Rooks.
The building down below is the old Post Office in the village, now a private home.
As we stomped back to the car the locals were lighting their fires and no doubt having tea in front of the fire....which is exactly what we went home and did too!
Whilst walking Wrecks the dog at about 4.30pm this evening I saw a large flock of Starlings making their lovely patterns in the sky. Wrecks and I went to where they were, all the time more starlings were joining the flock, and ended up in the local graveyard. We stood and watched as they flew low over our heads with a swishing sound as they went over. Eventually they all suddenly flew down into the trees I was standing next to and surprisingly they all went to roost in a group of Monkey Puzzle trees. I must confess that I have always hated Monkey Puzzle trees as they seem so out of character in the UK, however obviously some wildlife likes them!


bellaboo said...

I'm always hoping to see the starling 'display'.Only seen it on film.We have an old railway track near us too, and it's about the only place we can walk Bella without getting too muddy at the moment.More snow forecast here later in the week!


Goosey said...

I almost feel that we are missing out on the snow this year....I know it's a real pain if you have prolonged snow but a snowman building day would be nice! It's just as slippery here but only with frost and ice!

Kath said...

Brrr! I can't imagine living in a house with no open fire.

Happyone :-) said...

Looks like a lovely walk!!

Joe said...

Hi Goosey,

Great photos, they really do capture the cold winter scene. The temperatures here are really struggling to rise above zero. Keep warm, and have a great week :-)