Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bluebell woods, slightly early!

This is my latest offering in the landscape pictures. Last year I went to a quilt show in Exeter and went to a workshop by a lady whose name escapes me now, but we started on this picture of bluebell woods.
I don't know why I chose this workshop really as I already do a lot of landscape pictures and maybe I should have chosen a workshop I knew nothing about! However it's good to see what others are doing, this is from the kit the lady had made up and was started at the exhibition.
I have strayed off her guidelines quite a bit, when I got home I got carried away with the embellishments.
On the family front all is good, my eldest son has just got an amazing job with a very good company that he hardly dared hope he could get. My younger son who has been out of work and very down about it, refusing to sign on as he didn't want to live off the state, has been interviewed for the job his brother is leaving and has got it!'s his 18th birthday on Tuesday, the best present he could have!

Monday, 22 March 2010

The best gift...time

On Mothers day last week I had the best gift, time! My two son's gave me a whole 8 hour day each working on the garden. This is obviously the 'before' picture! They dug the borders, cleared the ponds, replaced all the stones around the ponds and hacked back all the overgrown stuff. We had let the garden go as we have had look look after my parent-in-laws garden and get it up to scratch to sell their house so we ignored ours until it got so bad that I didn't know where to start!Anyway it's alot better and although there is alot to do still it feels like "Ground Force" has been in and done their bit!
My daughter gave me a Clemitis to grow in the newly sorted garden and a gift of money to help people in Africa learn to make compost and fertilisers, what a great idea.

We went for a walk at Arne yesterday evening and in the car park was this insect house...or maybe high rise flats, some really good ideas here.

This is the view over the islands in Poole Harbour, lots of deer and birds about.
Lastly here is the Hebridean picture from the last post after it had come back from the framers. Not a great photo as the light is reflecting on it a bit, but you get the idea!
I'm working on a fabric picture of a bluebell wood at the moment.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Turners Puddle and Hambledon Hill.

At last, I have finished the picture I was making of our holiday last year on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. I took some fabric with me and tacked it together while I was there then did it properly when I got home. This was the view out of the cottage window over the sea and the hills. If you click on the picture you can see that there is some Harris tweed on the hills and some real sheeps wool that I picked up there. It was fun to do and it has now gone off to be framed. I wasn't going to frame it but just hang it as it is but my husband thought we should preserve it better from the ravages of time.

Sunday saw us walking about 4 miles near Turners Puddle and past the little church with it's snowdrops in the graveyard, this is the same churchyard that was covered in celandine and later cow parsley last year too. I took some pictures last April too and again in summer!
Saturday we climbed up the old iron age hillfort of Hambledon Hill. We parked in Irwene Courtney and started the long pull up the hill. It was a bit slippy as we have had so much rain lately but we got there. You can clearly see the ramparts in this picture.
From up on the ramparts the view was amazing, looking over all the villages of Irwene Courtney(Shroton), Irwene Minster, Childe Okeford, Shillingstone (aren't they lovely names).

This last picture is looking over Childe Okeford, just look at the lovely house and grounds in the bottom left of the picture...very nice!
Off to put my feet up till next weekend!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I plan to.......

I have a plan to hold a garden party at the end of May, when the roses will be beginning to open and the garden looking good...(hopefully!)
I plan to raise some money for my daughter and 9 others from Church to go to India in August and work on several things including working with the street children there.
I plan to serve tea in china cups and saucers and make home-made cakes served on china plates.
I plan to have tables with embroidered cloths on and little posies of flowers.
I plan to sell my quilts and quilt pictures and quilted cards, painted cards, scented sachets and drawstring bags, and maybe some other stuff too.
I plan to be busy!
I will be praying for it to be a success.
I will be praying for a sunny and warm day...with no wind!
I will be praying for the 10 going to India.
I will be praying.
I would welcome any advice from anyone who has done this sort of thing already!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Dorset and falling off a bike!

Last week my daughter and I (and Wrecks the dog, of course), walked down to St Alhelms chapel on the coast of Dorset. On the way you walk past this old quarry, it's still in use and I don't think much has changed here in many years. On the horizon you can see the white coastguard cottages which we walked past too.
These gulls were following a tractor which was ploughing this field, there were hundreds of them! This is looking eastwards towards Bournemouth and Poole.

This weekend however I have been working, when I finished at half past three yesterday afternoon D and I went for a short walk of about 2 miles near Morden Bog (attractive name!) It has rained almost relentlessly recently so everywhere is very wet underfoot and huge puddles about...but even they have their beauty in reflection.
The sunset reflected in the puddles.

Sunset over the field...lovely. Back home for tea, it got cold very quickly.
Just had a phone call to say D has fallen off his pushbike on his way to work (it's icy this morning)and is being brought home as he has some nasty off to get my nurses hat on!
P.S. Thankfully not too much damage done but his elbow has swollen up hugely and is black and blue. His forearm is cut and grazed and hip grazed too. He feels a fraud being home but his manager sent him home!
Good news!....there is frog spawn in the pond this morning. I saw the first frog yesterday and today there are dozens in the pond with lots of spawn. The newts are back too, saw two of them on Saturday.