Monday, 1 March 2010

Dorset and falling off a bike!

Last week my daughter and I (and Wrecks the dog, of course), walked down to St Alhelms chapel on the coast of Dorset. On the way you walk past this old quarry, it's still in use and I don't think much has changed here in many years. On the horizon you can see the white coastguard cottages which we walked past too.
These gulls were following a tractor which was ploughing this field, there were hundreds of them! This is looking eastwards towards Bournemouth and Poole.

This weekend however I have been working, when I finished at half past three yesterday afternoon D and I went for a short walk of about 2 miles near Morden Bog (attractive name!) It has rained almost relentlessly recently so everywhere is very wet underfoot and huge puddles about...but even they have their beauty in reflection.
The sunset reflected in the puddles.

Sunset over the field...lovely. Back home for tea, it got cold very quickly.
Just had a phone call to say D has fallen off his pushbike on his way to work (it's icy this morning)and is being brought home as he has some nasty off to get my nurses hat on!
P.S. Thankfully not too much damage done but his elbow has swollen up hugely and is black and blue. His forearm is cut and grazed and hip grazed too. He feels a fraud being home but his manager sent him home!
Good news!....there is frog spawn in the pond this morning. I saw the first frog yesterday and today there are dozens in the pond with lots of spawn. The newts are back too, saw two of them on Saturday.


Von said...

Lovely Dorset!

Kath said...

Oh dear, no serious damage I hope!
Love the photos, I agree, Morden bog sounds too much like Mordor...

bellaboo said...

What lovely pics.Dorset is such a beautiful county.Bella would have been in that bog before you could say...well...bog!
Hope injuries heal soon.

Bellaboo :o)

Happyone :-) said...

Sorry to here about D. Hope he's not too sore today!
Beautiful photos. Fantastic sky colors!!

Bovey Belle said...

We have frogspawn too, in our wildlife pond, but they have laid so much there is a sort of frogspawn mountain and the stuff on top has got frosted. That will hopefully just set it back rather than killing off the babies . . .

Lovely photos of my beloved Dorset, as always.

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

Oh so glad you are ok! Dorset is lovely! Re your comment, do hope your son gets the job!