Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A walk in the dunes

Last week I went for a walk with my youngest son around the inside of Poole Harbour. We crossed from Sandbanks to Poole on the Sandbanks chain ferry as walking passengers. Then rather than following all the other people who toddled off to the beach at Studland we went the other way and followed the inner harbour for a few miles as far as we could go. In the first 2 hours of walking we didn't pass another person. Ed's attempt to recreate the Titanic scene was slightly disturbing!

This was very exciting, lots of tracks crossing the path, of sand lizards. We managed to find one basking in the sun but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of it. What surprised me was how brilliantly coloured they are, it was emerald green, so beautiful and also bigger than I had thought too.

We crossed the road and came back through the dunes and back to the ferry, and back to the town again.
This last picture shows....well I tried to take a photo for the header of the blog of Primroses BUT Wrecks chose to sit on them just as I clicked!
I watched the wonderful Monty Hall in the Hebrides on TV last week with his dog Reuben who he referred to as "a tail with an idiot hanging off it".......seems to sum Wrecks up! We love him really!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Any ideas on this UFO hanging in a tree?

After an extremely difficult weekend at work and out of work, we went for a "clear your head walk" to the hide at Middlebere. On the way down the lane I spied this contraption made out of a fruit juice carton, covered in black and the bottom opened to let something in, as you can see in the second picture.
I can't think what it is so would welcome any thoughts!
Also heard the first Cuckoo of the year and saw plenty of swallows. The Osprey is back but not in it's usual place yesterday so we haven't seen it yet. Also saw some Goldfinches and Bullfinches, the Chaffinches were singing beautifully. The ponies were wandering around the car when we got back, one of them licked the car...perhaps he likes the taste of volcanic dust and sulphur!

Friday, 16 April 2010

First picnic of 2010 and another textile landscape done.

It was a bit nippy yesterday but my daughter, one of my son's, myself and Wrecks the dog decided it was time for the first picnic of the year. I had been to a friends house in the morning as it is her 50th birthday and her daughters made tea and home-made cakes for her friends to celebrate (very English!) it was lovely but a good walk was needed before a picnic! The picture above is one of the the windows in Moreton Church, the glass in all the windows are etched rather than stained glass as is traditional in the UK. Click on the picture for a better look.
This one is of the constellations, they are absolutely beautiful.
The more supple members of the family had fun ....
and eventually achieved the handstand!
This is the latest textile picture finished last night, now I've started a beach hut picture, if you are interested go across to my handmade blog. Or click on the link under my profile on the sidebar.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Willow farming

Today in the lovely sunshine my daughter and I trundled off to Somerset to the Willow and Wetlands centre near Taunton to buy some living willow to make an arch for the garden. It's a wonderful place and well worth a visit if you are in the area. We had taken Wrecks the dog with us so we took him for a walk as soon as we got there through the lines of drying willow, golden on one side and brown on the other side of the path.
This is the start of an arbour made in living willowAnd here is one after a bit of growth, in the summer it will be almost covered and like a secret den.
I loved this seat in an arbour and have got enough willow to try and make one. I have got it all soaking in the pond this evening to keep the roots wet. We actually managed to get x50, 8ft sticks back in a Renault Clio! Plus I got some willow sticks to make some plant supports too!
Unfortunately Wrecks had to lose a bit of his reclining space on the way home and was not amused at all! However he did enjoy the walks through the fields there.
It's been a lovely spring day and I have seen a Comma butterfly, Peacock Butterfly, some swallows and some Ladybirds, all firsts for the year.
Oh, and Barry's back! The slow worm who lives under a tin lid in the garden has returned, a few weeks later than last year but he's back!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The sun shines at last on Dorset.

At last...the sun has come out! After two weeks of rain ( which, incidentally I have been on holiday for two weeks!) These Daffodils are on the side of the lane leading to Moreton Church and so pretty in the evening sun.

Although spring is trying to show itself the general landscape still looks very wintery. We walked across the fields towards Waddock farm but it was just too wet and muddy in the woods to complete the walk.

This is some of the cottages in the village, they really haven't changed too much except for the telegraph wires going across....and the wheelie bins for the rubbish!

Our lovely neighbour across the road has made this lovely cake for my son's 18th birthday as a gift for him. She became a widow a few years ago and has taken up cake making and decorating and is amazing at it. She makes the most fabulous wedding cakes too.

A very unflattering picture of the birthday boy in his sleeping bag which his sister gave him. He is having a touring bicycle from us, he intends to cycle across Europe next year, so the sleeping bag will be an essential item!