Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Is it just me, or are there more dandelion seeds flying around this year? Walking last night the sides of the path are carpeted with thick layers of them. This spiders web was prettily festooned with them too.
One of my son's had a touring bike for his 18th birthday about 6 weeks ago and he's really enjoying it too. Last week he cycled down to Devon (about 60 miles each way) and slept in a bluebell wood!
Yesterday he cycled up to Burnham-on-Sea as he wanted to see Wales across the water. That's about 160 mile round trip! He really enjoyed the Somerset Levels and this time slept in a old overgrown footpath but the dawn chorus woke him at some unearthly hour so he set off early and has arrived home again.
He's going to save up for some panniers to go on the front of the bike to even out the rear panniers. I can hardly even lift the bike, and it's a steel frame too!
Lovely walk along by White Mill at Sturminster Marshall the other night, the Mayfly hatch is well underway now. Saw and heard a Cuckoo ( second time this year). Several Kingfisher sightings and a Reed Bunting too. The fields are full of Buttercups and Cow parsley, it's all heaven to me.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tarrant Keyneston

Just a short walk this afternoon across the fields from Tarrant Keyneston Mill to Spetisbury, passing this beautiful mill covered in Wisteria and full of bloom. I have been on night shift so only a short wander today!
You'd have to bend down a bit to get in this door!

The mill always looks stunning but at this time of year it's extra special. Then across the River Stour where ducks and their little ducklings dash about in the water. The horse chestnut tree dipping down into the water.

Keep going and cross the next bit of the river by the mill pond where the swans are nesting at the moment. Then you come to another mill with beautifully tended gardens and the footpath goes right across it which must be a bit annoying if you live there.
Best of all the Cow Parsley is blooming all along the edges of the lanes and roads, orange tip butterflys dancing about around them. There is nothing like a few sprigs of cow parsley in a jug with a few buttercups and a bit of Campion too. I didn't pick any but I imagined it!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Corfe Castle from a different view.

Sunday afternoon saw us scrambling up the castle mound in Corfe Castle. There was a diesel gala there last weekend and D wanted to have a look, he's not a fully paid up train spotter but if somethings happening locally he likes to see it. The first picture was taken from up on the mound but not actually in the castle.
The old station is very pretty and the station masters garden was wonderful, a real cottage garden with lilac in full bloom.
Just a sneaky peep through the gate.
Sadly the main road to Swanage passes through the village but these cottages have been there for generations, well before the car appeared.
Just another view of the castle.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


As the promised rain had not arrived by yesterday evening we went for a walk at Kimmeridge. Not a good hearty walk as usual because both of us have been poorly in the last couple of weeks and I certainly could only manage an amble! This is a view across the fields towards Clavell tower on the far headland. The tower has been moved in the last year or two back from the cliff edge and rebuilt brick by brick.
It looks stunning now and I'm sure as good as it was when it was first built in about 1831 as a folly on the Smedmore estate.

Even on a dull evening the view is good.
We walked up past the nodding donkey to hopefully watch the badgers that we often see there playing around their sett but energy levels were lacking and 4 young bulls in the field slightly put me off....I think they were past the bullock stage and on the cusp of being bulls! I know, I'm a woss, and considering I spent my childhood working on dairy farms every holiday, maybe I should be braver but one or two near misses have made me very cautious!