Sunday, 2 May 2010


As the promised rain had not arrived by yesterday evening we went for a walk at Kimmeridge. Not a good hearty walk as usual because both of us have been poorly in the last couple of weeks and I certainly could only manage an amble! This is a view across the fields towards Clavell tower on the far headland. The tower has been moved in the last year or two back from the cliff edge and rebuilt brick by brick.
It looks stunning now and I'm sure as good as it was when it was first built in about 1831 as a folly on the Smedmore estate.

Even on a dull evening the view is good.
We walked up past the nodding donkey to hopefully watch the badgers that we often see there playing around their sett but energy levels were lacking and 4 young bulls in the field slightly put me off....I think they were past the bullock stage and on the cusp of being bulls! I know, I'm a woss, and considering I spent my childhood working on dairy farms every holiday, maybe I should be braver but one or two near misses have made me very cautious!


bellaboo said...

We're hoping to go to that area on the next bank holiday.Looks like a lovely walk.It was amazing how they moved the tower,they did the same with the Belle Tout lighthouse up at Beachy head not far from us.

Bellaboo :0)

Elizabethd said...

I think I would have given it a miss too!
What a wonderful colour the rape fields are now, we have them all around in Brittany, shining yellow!

Kath said...

Its several years since we came to Dorset, I had forgotten how stunning the coastline is. I love that tower, I'm so glad it was saved.

Happyone :-) said...

Beautiful views!
I think I'd be cautious of the bulls too!!

Quicksilvercountry said...

Hi Goosey, what a lovely reminder, it's a year or so since I went to Kimmeridge and Corfe, so it was wonderful to be reminded of my days in Dorset. I don't get there much now, but you've inspired me to get organised. Lovely postings as ever