Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tarrant Keyneston

Just a short walk this afternoon across the fields from Tarrant Keyneston Mill to Spetisbury, passing this beautiful mill covered in Wisteria and full of bloom. I have been on night shift so only a short wander today!
You'd have to bend down a bit to get in this door!

The mill always looks stunning but at this time of year it's extra special. Then across the River Stour where ducks and their little ducklings dash about in the water. The horse chestnut tree dipping down into the water.

Keep going and cross the next bit of the river by the mill pond where the swans are nesting at the moment. Then you come to another mill with beautifully tended gardens and the footpath goes right across it which must be a bit annoying if you live there.
Best of all the Cow Parsley is blooming all along the edges of the lanes and roads, orange tip butterflys dancing about around them. There is nothing like a few sprigs of cow parsley in a jug with a few buttercups and a bit of Campion too. I didn't pick any but I imagined it!


bellaboo said...

What a beautiful walk! I love to be beside the water.We walked along a path by the canal swans,but we saw a deer.Luckily Bella was on the lead at the time or she'd have chased after it!

Bellaboo :0)

Bovey Belle said...

I enjoyed that. Thank you for accompanying me! I yearn for a house with a lovely old wisteria on it like the mill has . . . Have details of such a house in fact, but think it is in a frost hollow with no sun in winter . . .

Von said...

Beautiful, Spring in it's full glory!

Happyone :-) said...

Beautiful place to walk. I love the foot path. That wisteria looks like its been around for quite a while!! Just beautiful!!