Friday, 18 June 2010

Watching the filming of Springwatch and Wrecks has a nasty shock.

On Tuesday evening my daughter and I and Wrecks the dog went down to Kimmeridge to watch Simon King filming Springwatch and be a bit nosey. It turned out to be quite a traumatic experience! In the first picture you can see Simon King out in the water being filmed.
This is all the paraphernalia in the car park with Clavell tower in the background.

Looking down on the filming, Simon King on the far left. Unfortunatly my batteries ran out on the camera but my daughter has some much closer pictures taken very close to them on the beach.
We decided to take Wrecks for a walk while the filming was going on and walked on the lane behind the coastguard cottages when suddenly out of one of the gardens came a German Shepherd dog at high speed and just latched onto poor Wrecks neck! Amy and I tried to get the dog off but he was too strong for us so we just had to shout "HELP" and thankfully people came running out of the cottages. It took two people to prise the dogs jaws off Wrecks and seemed to take ages. The lady owner was obvoiusly very shocked as it was entirely unprovoked and Wrecks was on a lead and walking sedately between my daughter and I. Thankfully Wrecks is OK although his collar has a bite mark right through it and his neck is bruised, he can't shake his head properly at the moment. I think we may have given the sound men on the filming a bit of a problem with all the noise! It was very frightening and I admit the following day I was nervous of walking him.
Up on the top a lone camera.

Lastly the garden is looking good, it's such a lovely time of year.


bellaboo said...

Oh,no..what a horrible shock for you and poor Wrecks! I hope he will recover soon and isn't going to be too traumatised!
A similar thing happened when we were walking our first retriever on a beach in Ireland..and out of nowhere came three jack russell's and 'went' for her,nipping at her back legs.She avoids little dogs now,understandably.
Give Wrecks a big cuddle from us.

Bellaboo :0)

Kath said...

Poor old Wrecks and how frightening it must have been for you too. It is my worst fear that my dogs might be attacked, as lurchers have very thin skin that tears badly. Hope no lasting damage has been done, although you are all understandably nervous now.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Poor thing..hope he is on the mend soon. Glad someone heard your cries for help.

Bovey Belle said...

What a horrid incident to spoil your nice evening out. I hope you and Wrecks have got over the trauma now. Many happy memories of Kimmeridge for us, as we used to take our children there when they were smaller and we holidayed in Dorset every summer.

Happyone :-) said...

Oh poor Wrecks! How awful that must have been for all of you. I hope he is a better now.

It is amazing how much equipment is needed to make a film.

Louise said...

I hope poor Wrecks is feeling better and you have recovered from the fright. What a terrible shock it must have been.