Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wareham walking and sad slow worms

Over the weekend we walked 5 miles around Wareham. Along the river Frome right down to Swinepoint where you can see Poole harbour. It was a hotter day than we had thought so it was a bit much for Wrecks the dog, we stopped to let him cool off in the river and he came out covered in mud! He still smells now!
I found this pot in the garden, unfortunatley a slow worm has gone through one of the holes and tried to get out through another hole and sadly died in the process.

I won't leave pots around on the ground any more.
More cheerfully I took this evening shot whilst walking from Hammoon, near Sturminster Newton to Shillingstone and back on Saturday.


Happyone :-) said...

Too bad about the worm but you did get a good picture of it.
Sounds like a nice walk.

bellaboo said...

Oh,dear..poor wormy.You somehow feel responsible don't you,because the pot was left there..but how could you know that would happen?
Oh,yes...that muddy wet dog smell...very familiar!

Bellaboo :o)

The Wessex Reiver said...

Oh that's a shame about the slow worm Lynn, guess it was looking for cool damp area in the warm weather. On a happier note as you say, the sunset brings back lovely memories of the Blackmore Vale. Andrew

Bovey Belle said...

A shame about the slow-worm - quite a big one too. We used to have them (and lizards) in our garden when I was growing up in So'ton.

Lovely photo of the sunset over the field near Hammoon.