Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Help.......dog advice please

If there is anyone out there who is a bit of a dog expert I would welcome some advice. Wrecks was a rescue dog and we have had him since he was 3 (we think, it's very uncertain about his exact age) now he is about 10/11. he has alot of fears and is afraid of alot, washing machines, fireworks, buses, anyone outside the family touching his head, lorries....I could go on! He feels safe at home and just lately is refusing to go out on a walk at all, he is not tempted by food and treats. It's such a shame, I'm even wondering whether he is getting a bit senile as he is ageing. Has anyone got any ideas how to manage this. We love him to bits but has had a difficult past. He has become my shadow recently and follows me from room to room, sitting right next to me....he's here now just next to me. I would really like to be able to walk with him again.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Autumn has come and gone and I'm back!

Autumn has come.....and nearly gone and I have been very remiss about the blog. So a short look back to what has been going on. The beautiful colours of the trees at Stourhead enjoyed on November 1st, a perfect autumnal day.
A visit to Pensthorpe in Norfolk where the wonderful Springwatch was filmed, and where we saw these Crane. What a tick!
A visit to Wimpole Farm, where the cows were behaving badly...."don't stand in your food!"

and "don't put your food on your head!"

Getting the logs in ready for winter
Preparing and eating the prettiest vegetable in the world, the Romanesco. It came in the vegetable box, and I love it!

Making a cream tea for my husbands birthday, yum!