Friday, 28 January 2011

Turn Back Time on the High Street

A trip out this afternoon meant scarves, hats and gloves, it's bitterly cold at the moment, and the blue sky in this picture makes it look warmer than it was. We saw this large herd of fallow deer (about 55-60 of them) and the white blob in the picture is a large stag, pure white and majestic.
I'm not going to name exactly where we saw him as there are people out there who trophy hunt these fabulous creatures,especially a white one.... hopefully no-one like that would read my blog but you never know.
After a while they all sat down, seemingly unperturbed by two humans and a dog!
At the moment I am doing some voluntary work at my local museum, we are researching the main street in our town in tandem with the BBC's Turn Back Time on the High Street. The street has been broken up into chunks, and this is my bit!
It goes back to at least the 1600's and the shop "Lush" was once a pub called the Bell and Crown. I have four shops to research and it is fun to find out about the people who used to live in the buildings and what they did, how big their families were and how long they were there.
I have to take pictures from all sides to see what is still there, and round the back I saw this great painting on a gate of a dog ! What a great way to warn people off without a "Beware of the dog" sign.


Happyone :-) said...

I've never seen so many deer in one place before. What a treat to see!!
Such an interesting project to be doing.
Love the beware of dog painting on the door. What a clever idea!!

Elizabethd said...

It is biting cold here too, I dashed out to get the washing, and ran very quickly back in again.

So glad you didnt give the stag's location, such beautiful animals need their protection.

Dartford Warbler said...

How amazing to see a white stag running with his herd. We have fallow deer around here and they are such beautiful, graceful animals.

The history project does sound interesting.

bellaboo said...

Such a lovely sight,all those deer.Hard to comprehend how people can harm those beautiful creatures.
I love the dog painting too! :0)

Anonymous said...

Lovely country scenes. Glad you keep the identity secret and thus the wildlife safe.

The Wessex Reiver said...

You keep finding these fantastic paintings, I remember 2 years ago making a trip to Swanage after reading your blog of the dog on the gable end