Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I'm a Twitcher !

This is a rare bird hereabouts I am's a Long Billed Dowitcher and it's causing a bit of a stir in my local park! Now I have to say I would not have known it was rare and would probably have admired it and passed on by. I knew which bird it was by the twitchers all dressed in camoflage gear and lying on their stomachs on the pavement while the locals stepped over them! The bird was very close to the pavement, about 3 metres away. While the twitchers snapped away with their huge lenses other folk just stood watching dressed in all colours of the rainbow, dog walkers and cars going past and the bird did not care a jot! I think it has come from North America.
Still I enjoyed it and it's a good tick on my bird list. I also saw a few other waders and water birds around.

The lake has been drained a bit so that the mud it showing and it is bringing in alot of birds. Someone told me that there is a Ring Billed Gull there too, but I didn't spot it......also from America I think.


bellaboo said...

Since I was given a pair of binoculars I have been a lot more 'into' bird watching.We have a lovely RSPB wildlife centre not far from us,and I am gradually getting to recognise different birds.We're not allowed to take Bella in there obviously,so don't go very often.
Hope you have a lovely weekend and happy twitching!

The Wessex Reiver said...

Oh dear Goosey, you'll have to buy a bobble hat now and wander about ignoring all other wildlife for rare birds hee hee :-) I have to say though a Long Billed Dowitcher is a good bird to see