Friday, 25 March 2011

Holiday at home.

I have 2 weeks holiday, which is very nice but my husband has to I feel rather guilty at having such a fine time with wonderful weather. On Sunday Wrecks the dog and I had a great walk at Durleston, meanwhile my husband went on a train ride on the steam train from Swanage (he is a member of the railway) and my son did a run from Swanage to Kimmeridge and then inland. Now that sounds OK, unless you know Dorset and the coast path is very, very steep and he ran about 13 miles of that!
Well the best laid plans go awry, the train my husband was on got very delayed because of a fire by the track at Harmans Cross so he was stuck, my son was supposed to phone us to tell us where to pick him up.....but he couldn't get any reception to call me. We ended up driving in his general direction until we found him lying by the side of the road, he was liberally sprayed in nice smelling spray before we let him in the car (well he had just run 13 miles!).

Last night we had a walk along the river at Eyebridge, no Kingfishers to see but we were fairly late and darkness was coming in fast. The river was very still and serene.

I am still working as a volunteer at my local museum, researching the history of the High Street, and at the moment I am working on this bit, the Corn Market. The green shop was built in the 16th century as one house and I am working on finding all the people who once lived in all the buildings and traded there. I took my parents to a little tearoom behind the green shop....through the little arch to the shops right as you look at the picture and sat in a very old Courtyard at the back. It was my parents 55th wedding anniversary yesterday.....quite an achievement.
Well, did Lord Baden-Powell smoke? seems he does now!


bellaboo said...

I remember puffing my way up to Golden was worth it for the views though! Wow!!..13 miles..your hubby must be very fit! Love that steam train ride and Corfe castle..oh happy memories.

Kath said...

Oh I am guilty of the same, yesterday my son and I took the dogs to the beach, leaving my husband working :-O

Happyone : ) said...

Sometimes the best holidays are spent at home just doing whatever you want to.
13 miles is quite a run.
The High St looks so neat and clean and I love the colors.
Congratulations to your mom and dad on their anniversary.
Glad to see you posting. I was about to come over and pay you a visit and say Hi. : )