Friday, 15 April 2011

Good birding

A wander down to our favourite birding spot was well worth the effort, two good new ticks (for this year) Osprey and a Marsh Harrier. The Osprey was sitting in his/her usual spot and didn't move much while we watched for about an hour, of course as soon as we left it had flown and we missed it! The Marsh Harrier cruised along above the reed beds looking for some dinner.
These deer looking at us looking at them.

In the garden this morning a little Great Tit was picking up some fur fromWrecks the dogs recent hair cut which the dog groomer (me) had left on the lawn. The bird had stuffed it's beak so full it could hardly take off let alone see where it was going! Still, somewhere there is a fancy nest with a fur lining! Poor Wrecks is so embarrised by his awful hair cut he can't go out in case other dogs laugh at him....sorry Wrecks!

Buttercups and Daisies and a field of grazing English is that scene?

And finally, a lovely wedding last Saturday in the hot April sunshine.


Happyone : ) said...

Love your very English scene. : )
I had a special treat on my walk this morning. Saw and got a picture of an owl!!!

Kath said...

Yes, smashing photos, especially the lovely bride.