Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yesterday we had to take three large 19 year old youngsters plus several surfboards to Bristol airport so they could jet off for some warm weather surfing. Two hours in the car with these three talking excitedly about surfing was enough to wear you out!

So having waved them off we headed off to Tyntesfield house not too far away to chill out with a nice meal in the wonderful restaurant there. The window above was in the Chapel of the house which is a Victorian house.

I LOVE these kitchen cupboards and this is exactly as it was when the National Trust took over the house and as the family had left it.
This fellow was in the billiard room....not shot on the estate I would say! More like dragged back from Canada or somewhere I suspect.

Genteel furniture in one of the saloon rooms.Later in the day we stopped at Farrington Gurney at the wonderful farm shop there. These chickens live in the "Cluckingham Palace" posh place for chicken. In the shop there is an incredible mosaic of a Friesian cow, just an amazing bit of artwork I think.


Elizabethd said...

I would love to own that kitchen, it is beautiful. But think of the staff I'd need!

Von said...

Very nice chook house!!!

Happyone : ) said...

Oh I love the kitchen cupboards!! Lots of room there.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Farrington Gurney farm shop is a real treat Goosey, I hope you didn't eat too much ice cream there :-)