Sunday, 1 May 2011

Springtime in Dorset

We have had such fantastic weather for the time of year and time to enjoy where we live. Last weekend we drove up to Shaftesbury and this is the view over Blackmore Vale, so lovely with the Cow Parsley growing in the foreground.I think this is the start of a couple of Oak Apples on this Oak branch but not sure about that.

This afternoon we wandered through Kilwood nature reserve and found this concrete ruin. It is the remains of a bunker from the 2nd world war where 7 local men from Church Knowle were part of the GHQ Auxillary unit which were all over the country. They were trained in guerilla warfare and the bunker could act as a headquarters and sleeping place too. If you click on the picture of the sign you can see what the bunker was like. Walking along the River Stour near Sturminster Masrshall this swan sat quietly on her nest, I sat in the meadow and watched her while surrounded by Orange tip butterflies, Brimstone butterflies, wild flowers and Mayflies, listening to two Cuckoos calling to each other. Heaven on earth I think!