Friday, 10 June 2011

Tarrant Rushton and the Garden Fair.

We have just had our 2nd annual Garden Fair! It sounds rather grand, but it is'nt.We sell cakes and crafts in the garden for a little school in Kolkata in India where my daughter went last August. The sun shone, people came and ate cake and drunk tea and bought stuff I have been making over the past few months.

Amazingly we made a staggering £650, I still can't believe we made that much!

Plenty of cakes, the maltesers cakes are always a goodie.Some of my pictures and other stuff were on sale.
Changing tack slightly I went to visit someone I work with in her new home in a village in the Tarrant valley, Tarrant Rushton. It's a beautiful place and not on a through road, so very quiet. We walked up from her cottage to the little church, so pretty and tucked away at one end of the village.

Inside the church are these two pots which are set into the wall high up. They are said to be early amplifiers to help sound travel around the church.After a browse around the church we walked to the other end of the village where there is a river and a ford....but I think you would need a 4wd to get across it. It started to rain then, but not before I saw a flash of a Kingfisher right near to us!