Friday, 8 July 2011

Rest in the Outer Hebrides

I have just returned from a wonderful restful two and a half weeks in the Outer Hebrides and the North-west coast of Scotland. I almost don't need to write anything as the pictures say it all. This first picture is the view out of the kitchen window in the cottage we stayed in for the second week as the sun set.

I make no apology for most of the photos being over water but it was so stunning to look at.

This is the main 'A' road through the islands, they do seem to be making some of it two-way traffic now but alot of it is still single track with passing places! We didn't see any traffic lights or roundabouts, although I believe there is a roundabout in Stornoway, also didn't see any Police at all or hear any sirens for the whole time....peace!

Hushinish beach, how perfect is that!

I just love these sheep just looking at the sea!

Driving along....round a corner and this view opens up before you....

This is again the view from the kitchen window, the sea comes almost up to the house, it's in the village of Ardmair just north of Ullapool and the island is the Isle of Martin if you are a map reader.

Been back to work two days and it all seems a long time ago, roll on next year!