Sunday, 7 August 2011

This weekend has been very busy and quite exciting too! I went to a very special wedding of this delightful older couple, John and Val. I work in a Hospice and these two lovely people both lost their spouses a couple of years ago at our Hospice, we run a "Pop-In" for bereaved folk that they can come to after they have lost someone and that is where John and Val met and fell in love. Yesterday my fellow nurse Jan and I were invited to the wedding and it made everything worth while!

This is not a very clear picture but it has just won a silver in the Dorset Arts and Crafts Exhibition at Bovington....and I also won Gold for my hebridean Landscape picture. I didn't intend to enter anything and have never done so before, however my Mother was entering some of her lace and bullied me into it. I was so surprised to have got awards!

Here they are!

Friday evening spent at the Swanage Carnival, watching the Red Arrows......

Watching my two sons running the annual Wheelbarrow race, the barrow is meant to be a John Deere tractor! They came about 9th out of's hard to tell as it is a very rough race with barrows crashing into each other and carnage generally!

Relaxing at the end with Ed's girlfriend with him in the barrow and Will pushing!

A fun weekend indeed!


Elizabethd said...

That sounds like such a good weekend. Congratulations on your awards, I loved the little houses.

Happyone:-) said...

Glad to see you posting. I've missed you!
Sounds like a fun weekend.
So nice that the older couple found love again. : )
Congratulations on winning the awards. You surely deserve them. I love your houses!!!

Dartford Warbler said...

How lovely that the bereaved couple have found each other.

The Red Arrows came whizzing over us on Friday. I wondered where they were off to! Swanage Carnival looks great fun.

Well done for winning your awards too!