Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Oak fair at Stock Gaylard

This is Stock Gaylard house in North Dorset,between Sturminster Newton and Sherborne, and once a year they hold the Oak Fair on the heavily 'oaked' estate.

It seems right to have this picture of a grand old oak tree to start this, it is one of many ancient oaks on the Stock Gaylard estate. For me this was a special place to go, having traced my family back to this area of Dorset, in nearby Holwell, my family were farm labourers on this land. Walking through the gateways and along the tracks I was wondering if my ancestors had walked the same way!

There were heavy horses dragging logs around....and keeping the grass trimmed!

The wonderful "Axe men" demonstating their skills with humour, despite the rain showers which made climbing trees more dangerous than usual.

These canoes were just beautiful to look at.....

and this man was hand carving a seat of a chair and really interesting to watch.

Is this a sort of Dorset bagpipes? This lady was just standing playing quite randomly.
Wrecks the dog was very tired at the end of the day having met so many of his dog friends there and slept all the way home.

We loved this fair as it was a proper country fair, so many of these so called country fairs are just the town going out to the country and full of car showrooms in the open air, etc..

At this one there was no intrusive music, the food area was great with local producers and tables and seats made of straw bales with a wood top and we even had a buffalo burger for an interesting change!....been mulling over ever since what the difference is between a buffalo and a bison is! Maybe I should say a bisalo! Lots of interesting wood crafts to see, a trip round the deer park on a tractor and trailer if you fancied it, falconary. We didn't manage to do everything but it was a great day out!

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Happyone:-) said...

Love that old tree!!
Sounds like a wonderful fair and I would have enjoyed it as much as you. : )