Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tarrant Rushton Airfield

Last Sunday we walked right round the perimeter of the old disused Tarrant Rushton Airfield,'ve guessed it, Tarrant Rushton! The airfield was used in World War II between 1943 and 1947 and gliders left here on the eve of D Day to begin what was to become the Pegusus Bridge mission. Flight Refuelling took it over for 30 years and flew Lancastrians and Lancasters from here.

Now it has become agricultural land again and is home for lots of pigs, cows and sheep as well as the crops being grown. These piglets were running under the fences, which their mother could not do and tearing up and down the tunnels made by big bales of straw that were along the side of the path.

If you fancy a rest as you walk, well someone has thoughtfully left the prettiest view in Dorset from an armchair I think!

Cows grazing and an awful lot of sky. From parts of the airfield we could see Badbury Rings. It's just over 3 miles right round the airfield and a great winter walk I would imagine as the paths are solid, although could be very windy and cold.

There is a memorial to the brave men who flew from here, where we parked the car, and behind it is one of the old aircraft hangers now used to store farm machinery and be a home to alot of birds who were flying through the giant door openings.


bellaboo said...

I find old airfields fascinating too.There is one in Norfolk which we used to drive across when I was a child.I remember being amazed by the size of the runway after driving on to it along the country lanes.I think it is used as a turkey farm now!

Happyone:-) said...

What an interesting walk that was!!