Saturday, 3 December 2011

Going back in time at Bradford on Avon

Dave had a day off this week and we spent it in Bradford on Avon, which turned out to be a very good decision. This Tythe Barn was in use on the farm until 1971 but is now part of a country park. Just next to this are some wonderful craft workshops to browse around. Stained glass makers, carpenters, artists and much more.

Inside the barn, a beautiful space with a cross window with light streaming through. I would like to put up long tables down the middle and have a humdinger of a party there.

We had been told about this unassuming looking coffee house, Mr Salvat's. It was like stepping back to the 17th century, the seats like tall pews, crackling open fire in the grate and the wonderful Mr Salvat in 17th century dress and writing with a quill. We had a very nice lunch there but Mr Salvat does not take cards (well....they hadn't been invented had they!) so we told him prior to lunch that we would go off to the cash till, he wouldn't hear of it and told us he would be open until 5pm and just pop in any time to pay! We tried to give him a tip but he wouldn't accept that either.
The 17th century music, the fire and the decor was just so relaxing, you must visit him if you are in the area.

A quick shot of the dining room. The town feels very old, there are no big chain stores to be seen and some really nice little shops, the ladies seem to use wicker baskets to carry their shopping and I found the most wonderful little sewing shop!

We really didn't spend the whole day eating but after walking around for several hours we did go into these 15th century tearooms, The Bridge Tearooms for a reviving cuppa. The door is very low and even I, who am only 5 ft 2" had to duck....Dave is a foot taller and had to stoop very low!

Tea looked inviting, another roaring open fire and waitresses dressed in Victorian costumes, very pretty in their long dresses and pretty caps and aprons but maybe a couple of centuries too late

If you should be naughty in Bradford on Avon.... this is the old lock up. It's positioned on the bridge so the back of it overhangs the river. Again the door is very tiny!

This old Baptist Chapel, founded in 1689 and rebuilt in 1797, and people are still worshipping there now by the looks of it. How amazing to have so much history. When you looked through the arch there was actually a very big building behind

We have passed through this little town lots of times on our way to see our Welsh family and when our son was at University in Swansea but we had never stopped there, it's well worth it.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit. I love the idea of a lack of high street shops. I find nowadays every high street looks the same regardless if you are in Rugby or Inverness!

Happyone:-) said...

What a great old village to spend the day in. Thanks for all the great pictures. ALMOST as good as being there.