Saturday, 28 January 2012

Winter Walks and gruesome finds!

Some Mothers have son's who give them flowers....not me, my son was on one of his yomps with one of his friends this week when walking through a bog he found this old chap! It had obviously been hanging around for a while ....and there was no venison to be had, but he bought it home for me! The antlers are amazing and I will try and gently clean them this week and probably hang them off the shed! It's surpisingly heavy and weirdly I really like them....and flowers don't last do they!

It's a good thing to own a dog I think, because it makes you go out and walk when maybe curling up in front of the fire would be very tempting. These pictures were taken after I had come home from work on a Sunday afternoon and really didn't feel like going out but how glad am I that I made the effort! Winter walks are beautiful and the early setting sun so stunning through the bare branches of the trees.

Not many people about as you can see, although we have learnt where to walk in more secret places where the masses don't go.

We are not especially proud of this tree pruning, we laughingly call it 'pollarding'! I picked an acorn up 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest son, I planted it in a pot and it became this tree. Over the years it has grown too big for our little garden and the neighbours have made a comment or two so we felt it had to be cut back. The Blue Tits and Great Tits have taken umbrage and not been around this week and I think we have really upset them! I suspect we may try and tidy it up a bit!


Dartford Warbler said...

Your son takes after mine, who has brought home all sorts of animal bones over the years. The saddest was the skeleton of a new born foal that he found miles out on the Forest one day. He had to go back with a bin bag to collect it all. Sad but fascinating when we fitted it all together again.

Lovely photos of these cold winter days. There is nothing like a dog walk to make you get out and appreciate the winter landscape.

Happyone said...

What a cool thing to get from your son. Any one can give their mom flowers!

Kath said...

"It's a good thing to own a dog I think, because it makes you go out and walk when maybe curling up in front of the fire would be very tempting"

I agree completely. One of my cat owning neighbours said she would not want a dog, because of the walking you'd have to do. I think that's one of the advantages and our dogs are great ice breakers, so many people have stopped to talk to them when we're out walking and we got to know all our neighbours in the first few weeks. The cat owner has been here several years and commented that we knew far more people than she did- I rest my case!