Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wintery Dorset in which Wrecks goes skating!

Baffled dog! Wrecks really couldn't understand the ice and kept trying to drink it, as he would a puddle! We haven't had much snow, just a light dusting one morning.

Walks when you don't meet anyone else, they are all tucked up in the warm. Lots of birds in the hedgerows, tits, finches, blackbirds and thrushes.Yesterday a bracing walk around Swanage, people still on the beach and families having fun together. Browsing in the bookshops and dreaming in the craft shop....

A cup of tea and piece of shortbread in this cafe looking at the view from the warm, waving to people you know as they passed the window.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Brrrrr !

Winter has arrived, a bit late maybe but it's here now. This fountain is in a little park near where I live and is frozen in time. It has been frozen for several days now, my son walked past it with the dog and told me about when he got home so I walked down to see it. I stood and admired it for a few minutes but while I was there three people walked by and all got their phones out, took a photo and walked straight on. None of them stopped to really look at it. Before cameras were invented if you wanted to keep a record of something you would have to draw or paint it and that meant spending time actually looking at whatever you were trying to record. Life can be a little too instant now, I don't think any of those three people really saw the fountain properly.

Last Sunday a wintry walk along the old railway line at Charlton Marshall, and this is what remains of the old station. It's a good winter walk because it's dry and lined by trees and hedgerows full of birds, tits, finches and usually lovely Bullfinches.

For contrast.... a beach in Hawaii, my son is there at the moment as he is to be groomsman at his friends wedding today. His friend Chris went out there to work in a Church for a few months, met a lovely Texan girl and is to marry her today.....ahhh!