Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wintery Dorset in which Wrecks goes skating!

Baffled dog! Wrecks really couldn't understand the ice and kept trying to drink it, as he would a puddle! We haven't had much snow, just a light dusting one morning.

Walks when you don't meet anyone else, they are all tucked up in the warm. Lots of birds in the hedgerows, tits, finches, blackbirds and thrushes.Yesterday a bracing walk around Swanage, people still on the beach and families having fun together. Browsing in the bookshops and dreaming in the craft shop....

A cup of tea and piece of shortbread in this cafe looking at the view from the warm, waving to people you know as they passed the window.


Kath said...

That break between the fields makes me yearn for my own horse again!
I can remember the thrill of galloping down a track like that.
Your photos certainly convey the cold temperatures.

Happyone said...

It's a good thing Wreck's tongue didn't stick to the ice!
Cold here this morning at only 14F. I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit. It is now 19 and will head out in a few minutes.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Poor old Wrecks! Earlier in the week I saw a duck try to land on a frozrn mere - not a graceful sight!
Walks when no one else is around are always the best.

Louise said...

Lovely photos, I am sure Wrecks must have been quite puzzled by the frozen puddle. I love your blog header too, the flowers are beautiful.

bellaboo said...

Bella likes to eat the ice!
Love those sort of walks when you have it all to yourself,magic! :)