Monday, 26 March 2012

What a great weekend it's been. On Saturday I walked around Durleston Country park and down into Swanage, it was perfect weather. I watched a line of Guillimots bobbing around in the sea and got a good view of a Great Spotted Woodpecker as I walked through the woods down into Swanage.
Yesterday we walked one of our favourite little strolls at Turners Puddle and met these two horses and their drivers splashing through the ford.

They trotted off down the lane, it was a nice sound with the horses going through the water and no car noise to be heard at all.

Geocaching was a bit of fun when my daughter finally found an elusive one that she has been trying to find for a year!
Celandine and primroses are all over the place
To end the day, a hazy sunset over Spetisbury as we walked from Tarrant Keyneston Mill over the meadows.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Skinnydipping at Hilliers, Romsey !

Yesterday despite the slightly iffy weather we went with friends to Hilliers gardens at Romsey for the day. Lots of different daffodils around.....and not chewed off by snails like mine are at home!
It's a bit cold for skinnydipping in March but this young lady was very brazen about it! (Shame on you if you only read this post because you thought there would be real skinnydipping pictures!!!!)
This pretty house is within the grounds and being used as a wedding venue yesterday.
I loved this dragonfly sculpture and hoped the sun would come out and shine through the glass on the wings, but sadly it didn't.
It was a lovely day but I would like to see it again in summer when the garden is in full flower.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekend leave

My son who is in the Royal Marines has weekend leave so it was lovely to go for a walk today up by Creech Grange Arch on Purbeck. These ladies just watched us as we walked by.

The boys couldn't resist climbing the arch and admiring the view from the top.

Along the ridge the views just get better.

We had been to his base at Lympstone to a family day and watched a demonstration of drill, and some parents were dragged out to have a go!

We also watched the PT sessions, which made you tired just to watch, they went up and down the ropes at a fair crack. Visited the assault course and had lunch with our son. A nice day but also a very 'Alpha male' day!