Sunday, 18 March 2012

Skinnydipping at Hilliers, Romsey !

Yesterday despite the slightly iffy weather we went with friends to Hilliers gardens at Romsey for the day. Lots of different daffodils around.....and not chewed off by snails like mine are at home!
It's a bit cold for skinnydipping in March but this young lady was very brazen about it! (Shame on you if you only read this post because you thought there would be real skinnydipping pictures!!!!)
This pretty house is within the grounds and being used as a wedding venue yesterday.
I loved this dragonfly sculpture and hoped the sun would come out and shine through the glass on the wings, but sadly it didn't.
It was a lovely day but I would like to see it again in summer when the garden is in full flower.


Kath said...

love the dragonfly!

Happyone said...

The daffodils around the tree are just beautiful. I love the bright yellow color. So springy!
I was wondering about that skinny dipping! : )

Happyone said...

I always love to see your walk pictures.
I'm hoping to be able to walk tomorrow morning!