Monday, 26 March 2012

What a great weekend it's been. On Saturday I walked around Durleston Country park and down into Swanage, it was perfect weather. I watched a line of Guillimots bobbing around in the sea and got a good view of a Great Spotted Woodpecker as I walked through the woods down into Swanage.
Yesterday we walked one of our favourite little strolls at Turners Puddle and met these two horses and their drivers splashing through the ford.

They trotted off down the lane, it was a nice sound with the horses going through the water and no car noise to be heard at all.

Geocaching was a bit of fun when my daughter finally found an elusive one that she has been trying to find for a year!
Celandine and primroses are all over the place
To end the day, a hazy sunset over Spetisbury as we walked from Tarrant Keyneston Mill over the meadows.


Kath said...

lovely photos, I would love to walk down that lane.
What is Geocaching pray tell?

Goosey said...

Geocaching is a sort of treasure hunt that is all over the country (even World) People hide little boxes with a bit of paper in it and others can find it using their mobile phones for co-ordinates and are given clues on how to find it. It's a sort of modern take on treasure hunts and lots of folk do it....including my youngsters!

bellaboo said...

Bella loved Durleston country park...we did too!
Beautiful sunset picture. :0)

Dartford Warbler said...

Lovely photos. It must have been fun for the people driving those shiny black cobs along the lanes.

I love the mass of celandines in the churchyard.

Our son and his g/f have done some Geocaching in the Forest, where there are loads of little boxes hidden in unexpected places!