Friday, 6 April 2012

Does anyone know what this about.....Hundreds of snails were in this crack in a tree in the woods at Dewlish in Dorset?
We thought maybe it was an "Eat All You Can" restaurant for Thrushes !
There was a small pile of empty shells at the base of the tree but this lot looked very cosy and I just wondered if anyone knows about this.

It doesn't look especialy blue in this picture and unfortunately I had to take this from the car, but believe me it was very blue, and very early in the season for the Bluebells to be so fully out.
We went up to Bulbarrow hill (off the grockle-beaten track ) That's 'tourists' if you are outside Dorset and then down to Ansty and Dewlish, where my Father-in-Law grew up.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Met this little fella whilst walking out near St Aldhelms chapel this afternoon. It's a rural fox, although in this picture it looks a bit industrial. It was sitting by a water tank which is just above a stone quarry which is still in operation. I think it may be used to the man that works there, I believe it may only be one man working there.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Armed with a trowel I patrolled the garden looking for weeds to remove, I came to these dandelions and stopped.....I watched a bee foraging in the golden yellow flowers for several minutes and come out covered in pollen and nectar. I walked away and left them and hung up the trowel, let the bees enjoy....and me too, the lovely yellow sunshine blooms.I found this image whilst trawling the web and it made me think about what I should leave and what I should keep in the garden. in fact I think I will go round the garden today and see what wild flowers are growing there, and decide whether they are weed or flower!
I wonder what ice treat this pony will choose when he gets to the head of the queue! Near Moyles Court School on Sunday afternoon.
On Saturday Dad and son doing a bit of map reading. We went up high on the Purbeck so that we could find places to look for on the OS map and then off for a walk. we LOVE maps and have about 150 of them! We do NOT have a Sat nav......and never will!