Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Armed with a trowel I patrolled the garden looking for weeds to remove, I came to these dandelions and stopped.....I watched a bee foraging in the golden yellow flowers for several minutes and come out covered in pollen and nectar. I walked away and left them and hung up the trowel, let the bees enjoy....and me too, the lovely yellow sunshine blooms.I found this image whilst trawling the web and it made me think about what I should leave and what I should keep in the garden. in fact I think I will go round the garden today and see what wild flowers are growing there, and decide whether they are weed or flower!
I wonder what ice treat this pony will choose when he gets to the head of the queue! Near Moyles Court School on Sunday afternoon.
On Saturday Dad and son doing a bit of map reading. We went up high on the Purbeck so that we could find places to look for on the OS map and then off for a walk. we LOVE maps and have about 150 of them! We do NOT have a Sat nav......and never will!


Kath said...

I dig up the dandelions and give them to my friends chickens they love them!

bellaboo said...

I agree,you can't go wrong if you have a good map with you.Who says a weed can't be pretty too? I think it's beneficial for the insects and birds if we keep part of our gardens a little bit wild.

Happyone said...

Oh I too like the dandelions and think their yellow color are beautiful in a bright green lawn.

My family have lots of maps too.
My dad used to just take one out and study it for fun even when not driving!