Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Enjoying the last!

More pictures of the new kitchen! It's lovely to have the space back after all the kitchen fitters have been in, and to fill the cupboards again. The bucket of wild flowers were picked for our Craft day last Saturday, and far too pretty to throw away.

Now that the sun has returned again the garden has blossomed into life, we have had so much rain last month that everything was well watered and it shows!

Wrecks the dog enjoying the weather. He has to be walked morning or evening in this hot spell.....too hot in the day. The Sweet Cicely is looking much like Cow Parsley behind him.

Grannys Bonnets are on show at the moment but the roses are full of buds and in a week or two will be out.

The iris's are flowering in the pond and the froglets are beginning to leave the pond and make for cover in the hedge and's a good excuse not to mow the lawn. The garden is full of bees and insects especially on the Comfey flowers, and we have 4 adult slowworms and 4 young slowworms under the tin lid. The sparrows are dipping into the pond about a yard away from me as I enjoy lunch in the garden today.


Kath said...

it all looks very homely and welcoming, fresh and inviting. No wonder you are pleased, I love it. Is the design of your dresser "linenfold"? I have a cupboard like that :-)

Goosey said...

The dark dresser is an old one that we inherited from my parents-in-law so I don't know much about it. However it does have a sort of folded linen look now you mention it. The cream cupboard we got from a second hand shop and is the best bit of furniture I have ever bought. Cost us £40 and worth every penny.

Happyone said...

I love the hutch where you have all your pretty dishes!
Your garden is beautiful and I noticed the clothes hanging on the line!! : )

bellaboo said...

Your kitchen is wonderful,you must be thrilled! What a delightful garden....I would love to sit out there with a cup of tea.This hot weather is certainly slowing Bella down! :0)

juliek57 said...

Hi Goosey, I love your blog too, I absolutely love your kitchen, I am so jealous!!! Your dog looks fluffy and cuddly.What a beautiful garden, you must be very proud of it. I will enjoy reading your blog too, love from Sister Julie xx