Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee weekend

What a great Diamond Jubilee weekend, everyone has been celebrating as you can see by the flags in peoples gardens.

We had a walk to Tarrant Crawford Church which is up a little lane away from anywhere really. A lovely June evening, verges full of Cow Parsley. The Comfrey is full of flower and the bees all over it.

The river rippling by next to the path. This really is a lovely walk and perfect for a summer evening.

A cake made for three birthdays in the family, and to celebrate the Jubilee.

Then off up to Okeford Fitzpaine hill to see the beacon lit. We could see lots of other beacons from the top of the hill. Three cheers for the Queen were rousing and then an imprompu National Anthem started by the crowd which we all joined in. The field had grass which was at least 2 foot high....you could have lost a small child in it!! A great weekend made even better because I didn't have to go to work at all and could enjoy time with the family.