Monday, 20 August 2012

Lazing on a sunny afternoon....

It was a lovely August late summer afternoon, what should we do with a spare hour or two? It was decided, off to Sturminster Marshall to the village hall where the ladies provide tea and cakes, at very reasonable prices.
 Then off to the river, we wandered along through the fields until we got to a bend in the river where I decided I should like to sit. Dave wanted to walk his cake off so he went for a 4 mile trek. I stretched my cardi out on the grass...avoiding the numerous cow pats and got my book out. What better than Wildwood by Roger Deakin to read by the gently flowing river.
I kept getting waylaid by things, a Kestrel being mobbed by some smaller birds above me, cloud watching, bees on the Comfrey, a distant combine harvester working up and down a field.
I kept hearing a crackling sound across the river, maybe an otter I thought....No! was a herd of Jersey cows on their way back from milking looking over the hedge at me.
I spent an hour and a half alone, no-one around except a couple of guys in a canoe who glided past me and didn't even notice me there!
I recommend this to everyone, if you can spend a little time alone just sitting and cloud watching it makes you feel as if you have not a care in the world....which we all know is not true, but escape to relax, it's worth it!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Barrington Court where even the butterflys are trained!

Visited the wonderful Gertrude Jekyll designed gardens at Barrington Court last week. We didn't go in the house as there was an exhibition of Antony Gormleys' work which we were not really interested in so we stuck to the garden instead.
Looking through the lavender towards the white garden.

The borders were just beautiful, hollyhocks, Poppy's, roses, stocks, lavender, snapdragons.........all my favourite type of flowers.

The grass in the orchard had been cut and was waiting to be collected.

This path smelt amazingly of lavender, roses and sweet peas, I have a rubbish sense of smell but even I could smell it!

On the way back a quick peep at the West Somerset Railway.

Back to Barrington Court where in the white garden we saw lots of butterfly's, but only white ones! All over the gardens there were butterfly's of every colour but in the white garden even they obeyed the white rule and only white ones entered!