Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stir up Sunday

I heard something on the radio this morning that made me think, it's Stir up Sunday today apparently. Traditionally you would make your Christmas pudding today and all the family would have a go at stirring the pudding. Now, I don't make mine as my Mum always makes it as her contribution to the Christmas meal, and she does make a good one, I remember as a child she put sixpences in it and it was so exciting if you got one, it felt like treasure! I remember the smell of the pud boiling with it's cotton lid tied round with string. We don't do  the coin thing and safety!
On the radio it said that only one in ten children have ever stirred a Christmas pud and never even eaten a home-made one. I think that's a bit sad. My children always stirred the Christmas cake as my Mum has pudding control! I know we are all busy but lets bring a bit of home made back.


Kath said...

I'm guessing you are not an Archers listener, they always seem to mention it every year :-)

Goosey said...

I occasioally listen, but obviously not on stir-up Sunday! They were talking about it on Radio Solemt yesterday.

Happyone said...

So nice to see a post here from you.
Yes, that is sad when traditions die off a little at a time.
I know health and safety is a good thing, but still it seems kids miss out on things now a days. It's amazing how any of us made it to adults!! : )