Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hello again!

It has been a busy few weeks for us, but fun. One of our son's passed out as a Royal Marine Commando and we had an amazing day watching the ceremony and being very proud parents. It's a long and very arduous course and their slogan is "99.9% need not apply"

I cannot explain how wonderful it all was and when the Royal Marines Band played to accompany them, it was a spine tingling moment.

I have had Christmas day off this year but back on shift on Boxing day, I worked today and after work we went for a walk along Sweetbriar Drove which is a delightfully named track near us. Cold and very wet underfoot but nice to be outside. The rivers are all full and in some places overflowing, I heard on the news that Dorset is one of the worst areas as the water just cannot drain away now. A school near us was hit by lightning today and burned down this morning, also a farmers barn and a hotel in the next town were also hit. It really has been wild weather.

I have rather ignored this blog lately but maybe will try to put more on now that we have a new camera and I can once again take pictures! Happy New Year!