Sunday, 17 February 2013

What shall we give up for lent?........Our New Years Resolutions I think!

 I have been asked to make a few of my sewn pictures of houses and scenes for an exhibition to be held in Studland in June, so to that end I have been out this afternoon taking photos of cottages and buildings on Purbeck that I can transfer into a needleworked picture. I love this cottage in Corfe Castle and I almost certainly will try this one.
 These lovely chaps were at Farrington Gurney near Bristol yesterday. We had lunch at the Farm shop cafe there but we were a bit disappointed. Over the years we have called in there to buy stuff and have a lunch,  or a coffee but I feel that lately it has got too big and impersonal. Almost a victim of it's own success. Don't get me wrong, I do admire the farmer for diversifying and making something of his farm in difficult times but probably not for us any more.
And finally.....six of us nurses where I work all like needlecrafts/ knitting or other "gentle arts" and we get together every now and again to chat, drink tea and talk crafty! Well, we all bought a cake with us so the table looked like this! Eeeek! So what have I given up for lent? By the looks of it my New Years Resolutions!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Grey day in Corfe Castle

After a morning of busyness cooking for the freezer, 2 tea loaves, double batch of shortbread biscuits and 5 mini Victoria sandwiches, we decided to get out of the house, even though it smelt very nice after all that baking!

A walk round Corfe Castle was just what was needed, followed by tea in the Castle Tea Rooms by a log fire. The castle tea, cucumber sandwiches, cheese scone and lemon drizzle cake, Mmmmmm.

Then a walk to walk the tea off!The cottages are beautiful, even on a grey day.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

North Dorset on a sunny winter day.

A beautiful winters day today, we decided to "hang the washing" and get out and enjoy it. Starting at Dewlish we stopped for lunch in The Oak, a lovely independant Pub run by a delightful couple who made us very welcome. We chatted to them a bit as my husband's Father was born in Dewlish and spent his childhood there and they showed us some pictures on the wall of old Dewlish. A roaring fire and very good food. try it if you are out that way, it's well worth going through the back roads to find a pub like that.
From there we drove up through delightfully named villages, Melcome Bingham, Hazelbury Bryant, Holwell, Holnest, Caundle Bishop and many others and ended up in Shaftesbury. We had a wander round for an hour. If you see the next picture and you are English and of a certain age you will be humming the tune to the Hovis advert from many years ago when Gold Hill pretended to be somewhere in Yorkshire!

On the way home we passed loads of horses and riders, I rather think we just missed seeing the North Dorset Hunt or Blackmore Vale hunt in action again. We did have a rather close encounter with them at Holwell a few years ago! (See 21st February 2009 ) if you want to see video of that encounter!
Well, I think you have to make use of the few sunny days we get at the moment and get out there while you can.

Friday, 1 February 2013

My patch!

I have been reading a book by Dominic Couzens called " A Patch made in Heaven". It's a diary really of his year watching a patch of land and the birds and wildlife that visit it. I know the patch he writes about as it is not far from where I live and I have walked around it several times. I thought that I should like a patch to watch too but more local to me and I don't want to copy his either. I thought maybe the park which is large and nearly joins the sea but as I walked down there to check it out I passed a bit of land that has been closed off for years.

There is a notice on the fence surrounding it to say that the council intend to make a path round it, create a pond and manage it for wildlife. BINGO!
Over the far side there are some boggy plants so that will entice some different species hopefully. At the moment there is a bit of clearing up to do with rubbish that has been chucked in there. It is surrounded by trees and scrub and just above the field is some woods where Wrecks and I walk so I shall probably include some of that in my patch too. In the past I have seen foxes in there as I walked past and I think I may have found " my Patch" . It will be nice to be there from the start when it is opened and hopefully I will see lots of stuff.
Watch this space, as soon as I can go in there, I will. Until then I will look over the fence!