Sunday, 17 February 2013

What shall we give up for lent?........Our New Years Resolutions I think!

 I have been asked to make a few of my sewn pictures of houses and scenes for an exhibition to be held in Studland in June, so to that end I have been out this afternoon taking photos of cottages and buildings on Purbeck that I can transfer into a needleworked picture. I love this cottage in Corfe Castle and I almost certainly will try this one.
 These lovely chaps were at Farrington Gurney near Bristol yesterday. We had lunch at the Farm shop cafe there but we were a bit disappointed. Over the years we have called in there to buy stuff and have a lunch,  or a coffee but I feel that lately it has got too big and impersonal. Almost a victim of it's own success. Don't get me wrong, I do admire the farmer for diversifying and making something of his farm in difficult times but probably not for us any more.
And finally.....six of us nurses where I work all like needlecrafts/ knitting or other "gentle arts" and we get together every now and again to chat, drink tea and talk crafty! Well, we all bought a cake with us so the table looked like this! Eeeek! So what have I given up for lent? By the looks of it my New Years Resolutions!


Kath said...

That's weird, I drove through Farrington Gurney yesterday, on my way to the quilt supplies shop at Chilcompton.
My mouth is really watering at your cakes :-)

Goosey said...

I didn't know there is a quilt shop in Chilcompton, or I would have been there too!

Happyone said...

I look forward to seeing your next house fabric picture. I think they are beautiful!!!

The group of women sound like my knitting group friends. : )

Elizabethd said...

Well, looking at those cakes, I think I would throw aside all resolutions!