Monday, 27 May 2013

Whitsun weekend.

One of the pleasures of driving out into the countryside is stopping by cottage garden gates to buy some plants, eggs, home-made jams or bunches of home grown flowers. The "honesty box" where you put your money is on the wall but sometimes just a tin. We stopped at this one in Milborne StAndrew and I bought a lovely posy of flowers.
It is a mixture of garden and wild flowers. Ox eye daisy, euphorbia, sweet William, mint, grasses, ivy, hosta leaves, may blossom, it is so pretty. Much nicer than a formal display I think.
A quick stop up at Bulbarrow Hill to see the view......well you couldn't just drive past this could you!

Swan and little'uns on the River Stour, Ahhhh!
This afternoon, a walk on Martin Down, serenaded by Larks and lots of Yellowhammers. The chalky ground spotted with Cowslips. All in all a very nice Bank holiday weekend.
Also a bit of work in the garden, which is growing so fast now, and I noticed the first rose opening today.
We met these nosy parkers while walking Wrecks the other day!
And finally, a trip to the reclamation yard and we solved our garden table problem, its cast iron and weighs a lot! I can hardly lift the chairs so the wind won't blow this lot away! We have bought some paint and a wire brush.......


Elizabethd said...

Your garden furniture is so pretty.

Roy Norris said...

Hi Goose,
I was pleased for the opportunity to visit your Blog and would like to continue to do so. My Wife originated from Dorset and I from Somerset so its nice to see some of your photos of the area.

Dartford Warbler said...

What a wonderful view from Bulbarrow.

Lovely photos. You were lucky to see the yellow hammers.

Happyone said...

Beautiful photos. My favorite is of the Swan and her babies. : )

I'm a day early but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Hope your day is sunny and bright. : )

Goosey said...

Oh, that's really kind of you to remember HappyOne, it has rained all day here but hoping for better tomorrow!