Sunday, 15 June 2014

Life in the new garden.

I used to see Goldfinches a long time ago at our old home but since new neighbours had moved in and got rid of trees and shrubs they had gone. No such problem here! Lots of them, I hear them twittering in the tree most of the day.
Chaffinches are new to us here, hardly saw them before!
This fellow has also taken some food off the table! Oh well, he's part of the food chain and he is rather beautiful.
An Angle Shade moth
Slow worms aplenty, adults and young ones, hopefully they will eat lots of slugs.
Damselflies are all over the wild part of the garden, several different types.
A hole in the grass heap.....does this mean we have grass snakes? I hope so.
We have seen bats in the evening, very large ones but not sure what type they are. Last night I think I heard a hedgehog, but didn't see it.
I shall keep watching and listening and hopefully see lots of other stuff.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

New beginnings

Well. Since I last blogged a lot has happened. We have moved house, our son got married, our daughter had some major surgery (10 days before the wedding!) and I am working my notice and taking early retirement. Whew!
This is our new home, this picture makes it look much bigger than it really is, trick of the camera! It shows the garden though and there is a rough bit of ground behind me which I am euphemistically calling a "wild garden". It is pretty wild  but has a lot of life in it already.
This picture was taken in early May and its much taller now. I have seen Slow worms, several butterfly's, masses of insects and a dead hedgehog! 
The house is on the edge of a small Dorset market town, busier at the moment because its holiday season. We have heard a Cuckoo from the garden, admitted it was quite a distance away but I heard it, I also can hear cows in a field up the road....magic! Very different from our last home which was in the middle of town.
The wedding was beautiful and we gained a lovely daughter-in-law, on a lovely sunny day at the end of March.
Our daughter thankfully well enough to do the reading at the wedding supported by her other brother.
I hope to get back to blogging again, with new walks and wildlife stuff, retirement looms although I am calling it a career change to full time housekeeper and head gardener 😄