Friday, 10 April 2015

Cheery times

What is it about the first burst of spring that makes your heart sing and everything just seems so much better?
As I look around our garden the Blackthorn is blossoming, bees foraging around in the frothy white flowers. Brimstone butterfly's, Peacock, Tortoiseshell and a Comma butterfly sunning themselves on the stones round the pond, a little blue butterfly fluttering round the Laurel hedge. the Hawthorn buds big and fat, Spindle already open as is the Elder and the Hornbeam. Primroses in little clumps....not the garden centre copies but proper wild ones that smell wonderful and are more graceful and dainty than their garden centre cousins, Bluebells just starting to open under the hedges and Celandine too.
I have dug a couple of tons of gravel out to create two new flower beds around the garden table, I ache, have rough hands and got well and truly sunburnt but very happy to have achieved so much, the seedlings are coming on well that I shall put in the new beds. Sweet Peas, Cosmos, Bishops Flower, Marigolds, Hollyhocks, Larkspur, Sunflowers, Sweet Rocket, Snapdragons, Love In A Mist and others I have forgotten.....and forgotten to label!
The birds are busy too, nesting and feeding. Annoyingly the Jackdaws have decided to nest in our chimney and are chucking twigs down, enough to keep us in kindling all next winter! The chimney needs a cowl on it but that means scaffolding and gets these days of Health and Safety no-one will go up a ladder!
The sunshine and warmth brings out people too, friends dropping in, both ours and our adult children's friends.
Well this might all sound a bit drippy and romantic but this week has been so lovely, long may it continue.

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Happyone said...

Oh I am so happy to see a post from you. I almost removed your blog from my list because I had thought you'd given up blogging. So glad I didn't!! : )
Spring sounds wonderful by you.
We are just starting to see the daffodils starting to bloom here.
Hope all is fine with you and your family.